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Been Encouraged? Had a chance to meet Grace face-to-face and want to encourage her or others? Leave a note.

"Grace is walking inspiration! Earthly evidence of the ability of Christ to conquer and overcome, and the maturity to use her keys to unlock others! Thank you for enduring, surviving, outliving, and sharing. We are all the better because of you!"

-Bishop Dr. Jeronn C. Williams, I

"Grace, you have in many ways, inspired and motivated me.There have been times when I have listened to your encouraging, and it changed my mood and way of thinking. Many topics I can relate to, and it's good to know that at certain times and moments in my life, there was you encouraging me and making me see things through a different perspective. Keep up the good work and touching hearts of many. Your voice and words are helping..."

-Angela Evans

"Grace has absolutely touched my heart with her Life Happens blog. An article written on 23 February 2017 entitled "Birthing Pains" impacted me and shifted my thinking. This is also a testimony to the writer of the message. Because I know the story and have seen the results of prayer, faith, and persistence in her life. Grace brings to the forefront of your thinking practical direction that challenges your thoughts and encourages you to remain strong..."

-Diane Mills

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